Faith is the founder of AfterWords and a high school English teacher. She lives in Brooklyn, where she's surrounded by incredible friends whose love and support have made this site possible.

Fran is a former elementary school teacher and current graduate student who is studying school psychology. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her fiancée, their dog, and their two cats, who are working on coexisting peacefully. 

Elizabeth is currently a middle school literacy teacher residing in Denver, CO, though her location is consistently subject to change due to her propensity for wandering.

Tim has been many things over the years and has been called many more. He lives and works in Central Florida and is a proud father of two remarkable young women.

John lives in Brooklyn with his wife. He works in the cultural sector and writes when he can.

Diane is a retired teacher and doting grandmother who lives in Florida.

Josh lives in Brooklyn with his partner and an ever expanding collection of Oprah approved self-help books.

Leigh is a wife and mother of two living in her native state of North Carolina. She is a stay-at-home mom who finds joy in horseback riding, community involvement, and watching Disney movies with her children.

Mary Ruth is a proud mother and grandmother from California. She is a retiree who spends a lot of her free time working within in the LGBT community.

Ruth is a certified trauma sensitive and informed yoga teacher who runs her own social business called The Breathing Room, which offers sexual assault, veterans, human trafficking, and eating disorder survivors tools to heal from yoga to mindfulness mediation. She is also a Restorative Justice Practitioner, writes a mindfulness blog called "Feeding the Heart," and writes a column on social justice issues.

Johanna has completed her MA in Literature and Social Justice at Lehigh University in 2012 and continues to explore how film and literature can change cultural norms regarding gender and sexuality, with a particular focus on preventing sexual assault. She writes fiction and sings in her spare time.